Frequently Asked Questions

We are DATA:Scotland. If your session is related to data or any related technologies, regardless of cloud platform provider or vendor, Submit it. We run this event for the community and attendees come along to learn new things. This might be a great opportunity for people to learn something new!

Let us know what your requirements are when booking your ticket.  We will then pass those details to the caterers.

Submit as session using the  sessionize.com website.  Once we have made the selection we will let you know if your session has been selected.

Getting Here

Glasgow is located in West Central Scotland and can be accessed by several methods of transport.

By Road

The M8 motorway routes through the city centre. The M74 also routes into the city centre

By Rail

Trains come into Glasgow Central Station or Glasgow Queen St Station from National departures. Local stations include Argyle St, High St, Anderston & Charing Cross. There is also a subway route through the city centre.

By Air

Glasgow Airport

  • 8.5 Miles by car via the M8 Motorway (approx 15 min)

Prestwick Airport

  • 32 Miles by car via the M77 & A77 Motorway (approx 39 min)
  • 55 Mins by Train

Edinburgh Airport

  • 39 Miles by car along the M8 Motorway (approx 45 min)

The day will start with some introductions maybe some information from the sponsors.   Then its straight into the first session.  Each session will be a different area or room, once the session is finished there will be a short break, maybe sometime for a tea/coffee, chat with fellow delegates or a sponsor.  Next its into another session with some more learning and fun.   Lunch will be in the middle of the day, this will be for about an hour plenty of time for chatting, chilling, pondering or what ever takes your fancy.  Time for the afternoon sessions just the same as the morning sessions.  To round off the day after the final session, everyone back together for the sponsors prize giveaway.   Finally if you still have any energy left time to pop down to a local pub for some more chat and fun to round off the day.

We will announce the sessions before the event so you will have a chance to see which ones you want to attend.  Remember we have photographs from previous events so have a look at those too.

There is no dress code at this (or most) community events. Although DATA:Scotland is held during normal working hours, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, whether this is casual or business dress is entirely your choice.

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