As a community driven conference, our primary aim is to support and grow the data platform community and all related user groups in Scotland indian viagra. Here is a selection of groups:

Our group focuses on data professionals who work with Microsoft’s data platform & related products and technologies. Often presented by our members and recognized community leaders equally, meeting content is designed to enlighten the audience and help professionals keep their skills up to date in an ever evolving industry.

Meetings and membership are free to anyone interested in learning more or sharing their own knowledge & experience with the SQL community. We’re always growing! Curating content, speakers and organizing meetings is done voluntarily by our leaders;
This user group was founded as an independent body in early 2017 and it looks to bring the IT community within Glasgow and surrounding areas together. The group is a community driven group delivering the type of content, speakers and experiences that the IT community in Glasgow wants. The group is open to developers, architects, consultants, engineers and enthusiasts. Participating in GAUG meetups has many benefits including:
  • Learn best practices and optimal use of Microsoft’s Cloud platform
  • Get answers, advice, tips and suggestions from peers
  • Gain insights into what others are doing within Azure
  • Network with local peers
A group for anyone interested in PowerShell and Devops (sometimes called WinOps). We focus on any technology with a use for PowerShell including full .NET PowerShell, PowerShell Core (on Linux or Mac OSX), DSC, SQL, Azure and anything else you can think of. If it works with PowerShell it works for us.

Whatever level you are at with PowerShell or related technologies you are very welcome. The group has members with all skills levels so you will find something here for you.

To keep up to date on more information on the group you will receive notifications from the Meetup page. But you can also find more information at or @ScotPSUG Twitter feed ( ). Make sure you sign-up for group notifications by email at .
This group is for anyone interested in SharePoint (online/server), Office 365, and PowerShell for those technologies.
Part of O365 is also Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps, so we may have meetups about those topics as well 🙂

No matter what level of experience you have, if you are motivated, you're more than welcome to join!
Hi, my name's Veronique, I'm a Microsoft MVP living in Glasgow, and wanted to create this group as I didn't find any.

Come join us if you want to learn new things, meet new people, and share your experience.

Hope to see you soon!
We're a friendly group of local WordPress developers, designers, and users who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users!

Normally our Meetup takes the form of a talk on a WordPress topic followed by a discussion on all things WordPress related. As much as possible, we'll have a wide range of topics covered and everyone is welcome to contribute.

This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress --- join us!

Learn more about WordPress Meetups at Community SiteTwitter

More to follow....

If you are interested in seeing your user group here, reach out to us!