DATA:Scotland is Scotland’s data community event. Bringing experts and attendees together, this free to attend conference is about sharing knowledge and insight through hour-long talks which discuss new data technologies and techniques, to help to solve problems and propose solutions. Sessions cater for all skill levels from introductory talks to deep-dive presentations. At DATA:Scotland you can engage with experts and network with peers in the data community. The conference covers a wide range of data related subjects including Database Administration, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, DevOps and Business Intelligence from an on premise and cloud standpoint.  


We are trying to encourage people to start speaking at community events to share their knowledge with others. If you’ve ever considered public speaking, then this the perfect opportunity to start! 


There’s no strict format for a session; you can use slides, demos or just talk! So if you’ve something to share about new developments, methodologies, how you see the future of data sciences and tech, or you’re working with some cool tech and want to share then you can submit your abstract using Sessionize. Please choose the New Speaker session format and we’ll be in touch! 


We are offering successful applicants support throughout the process:  

  • You will be matched with an experienced speaker to mentor you and help guide you in the lead up to the conference. 
  • We will organise a session for you to practice your talk in front of a small, friendly audience before the conference. 
  • We will organise a webinar training session on public speaking from a highly regarded speaker in the data community.  

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 14th April 2020.   

If you have any questions, please email: