Volunteers are an integral part of DATA:Scotland. They help the day run smoothly, ensure attendees have a positive experience and support the speakers to deliver their sessions.

What is it?

For our event, we want to try and help those people who find it financially difficult to participate, to come along and share their knowledge with the community and enjoy the day.

So, we asked the community and our sponsors to dig deep and help us help others. With these generous donations, we are able to provide accommodation and travel up to £1000 for one or more speaker.

How does it work?

If you are considering submitting a session to DATA:Scotland, but would find the travel and accommodation costs prohibitive, please indicate this when you submit your session.

The DATA:Scotland team will then reach out for more info before letting you know if you have been successful in securing the scholarship. Please be assured that indicating your interest will not impact your chances of being selected negatively or positively.

We will not make your acceptance of the Scholarship public without your agreement, and receipt of the Scholarship is not conditional on your promotion of it. 

Both as an event and as individuals, the DATA:Scotland team has benefited hugely from the data community, and facilitating this Scholarship is just one of the ways that we would like to give back.


The DATA:Scotland Team